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Ultimate Cycling Journey

Specially curated by our travel specialists, every itinerary can be customised to your needs and interests. Through our personal relationships with the local communities and businesses, we provide authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences found exclusively in the locality.

Here is a snapshot of the ultimate cycling getaway. With us, you will be ticking off your bucket list to cycle the world's best routes. Be sure to create memorable journeys

with Michi & Co.

Whether it is a weekend getaway or a 2-week vacation, be sure to create fond memories with Michi & Co.

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Bike enthusiasts, rejoice! Enjoy Japan's beautiful and breezy spring season in a novel route as we go on a 70-kilometer cycling journey. Island hop a total of 6 islands, and bike across a series of long-reaching bridges. Enjoy the incredibly scenic route and experience the natural side of Japan while doing the activity you love most.


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(Credit: JW Magazine)

The first bike path in Japan where you can wheel your way through the gorgeous scenery of the connected islands and high above the swirling waters of the country’s spectacular Inland Sea. The journey will take two days, with a stay over at one of the islands we're passing by. Stop along the way to take stunning snapshots. We will handle all of your luggages during the trip, so don't worry!

We can definitely arrange for you to bring your own bike for this journey!

Cycling Day #1: Mukaishima – Innoshima – Ikuchijima


(Credit: Shimanami Japan, Time Out, Meridian)

Mukaishima, the route runs along a stretch of coastline with some popular pit stops, like cafes, an artisanal chocolate store, and a torii gate overlooking the water. Grab a cup of coffee and let's continue pedaling.

You would then find yourself crossing the impressive Innoshima Bridge. The bridge is built with 2 stories, the top being a motorway while the bottom allows passage of pedestrians and bicycles.

Ikuchijima is known as the birthplace of lemon cultivation in Japan. The sprawling lemon field terraces covering its hill slopes that are truly a delight to the eyes.

Cycling Day #2: Omishima - Hakatajima - Oshima


(Credit: Shimanami Japan, Shikoku, JB Honshi)

Omishima. See one of Japan’s most important shrines, the Oyamazumi Shrine, that is currently the home of 80% of all Japan's military artifacts - designated as cultural and national treasure! Oyamazumi was especially relevant to samurai commanders who would visit the shrine to pray for success in battle. The victorious would return and make offerings of their weapons and armors.

Hakatajima, the 5th island in the route, is the original home of Japan’s famous Hakata salt. Freshen up with the local delight, salted vanilla ice cream, before scaling the 149-meter high Hirakiyama mountain, which in spring offers a picturesque view! More than 1,000 cherry trees are arrayed on a hill. The contrast between the mass of pink flowers and the blue sea below is unforgettable.

Oshima is the very last island before reaching the mainland, Imabari city. Admire the sunset on a viewing platform and peddle across the Kurushima Kaikyō Bridge. You are now cycling on the three-span suspension bridge, the first of its kind to be built! It spans the Kurushima Straits, one of the most treacherous spots known for its fast and powerful tides.



(Credit: Arch Daily, The Telegraph, SOIL)

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