Michi & Co.

A Storied Journey To Find Yourself

The world has changed,
and so has the meaning of luxury.

Leave the noise and the buzz behind, travel a path laid down through the passage of time, and let the heritage of Japan touch your senses.

Indulge yourself, and acquaint yourself with an ageless culture, in a unique setting, in a unique offering, as only Japan can.

Reside in privacy in our choice villas.
Choose to sip a cup of hot takibi-brewed coffee, surrounded by the gentle rumbling of waves, or explore your sense of touch with a local pottery master, or just sample local delicacies, we are here to create a journey with you.

For you.

Ultimate Cycling Journey

Refreshing and Reinvigorating Spring

Hokkaido, Gateway to Winter Wonder World

Immersing in Niigata, The Snow Country

Yamagata, Where Heritage Meets Nature

Discover the Serenity of Hayama and Kamakura

Experience Winter Magic in Hakuba and Togakushi

Glamping at the foot of Mount Fuji

Ryokan by the Sea of Japan Kyotango

Hirosaki Castle Mt Hakkoda Lake Towada Northern Japan

A journey to find yourself Hayama Kamakura

A hike to Sengen Taisha Mount Fuji

Cycle in the Grand Nature Mount Fuji

Cycle through a traditional village Mount Fuji

Cycle to Abe River and Green Tea Farm Shizuoka

Cycle to Mochimune Port along the Tokaido Shizuoka

Eco Culture and Township Fujinomiya

Zen meditation & Shojin Ryori to cleanse your soul

Why Travel With Us?

Personalized / Privacy / Luxury

With our personal relationships with local communities and businesses, we offer a wide selection of one-of-a-kind experiences specific to each locality.

  •  Try activities such as pottery art and Tea ceremony.
  •  Explore farmers’ markets, shrines, museums and other hidden local gems.
  •  Dine on regional cuisine created by local chefs.

Specially curated by our travel specialists, every itinerary can be customised to your needs and interests.

  •  Custom plans for solo travel or with a large group.
  •  Fuss-free experiences with personal transport and English-speaking guides.
  •  Wedding and special event consultations available.

We are dedicated to providing an enjoyable, fuss-free experience for travellers of all faiths and cultures.

  •  Unique menus for those with special dietary needs such as Halal meals.
  •  Hassle-free arrangements for prayer rooms.
  •  Translation and trip consultation services before and during the trip.

Our Team

In Japan, the word “道” (dō/michi) is used to describe the act of calming down and taking the time to explore things. In a world where values are changing at a rapid pace, having such time is truly a luxury. That is why I created Michi & Co.
Through my work as an architect and in the luxury private villa rental business. I’ve had the opportunity to meet passionate individuals from all over Japan. They have introduced me to unique experiences that aren’t easily accessible to regular travellers. With Michi & Co.’s specially curated itineraries, I hope you will enjoy these experiences as much as I have.

I have worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. I am particularly attracted to Japan, and have personally visited 43 of her 47 prefectures. As a Muslim and a multilingual person who speaks English, Malay, Chinese and Japanese, who has been a tour leader to many FIT and VIP travellers, I am confident that I can create a relaxing itinerary that will let you rediscover the charms of Japan that may be unknown even to regular travellers to Japan.

Ever since I was a child, I have been spending a lot of time with friends from all over the world. I went to international school for 6 years, I love traveling so I have traveled 39 countries in total. And everytime I let myself into different culture, I adore other cultures, and I also fall more in love with Japanese culture, and become proud of Japanese culture. I am a Japanese who was born and raised in Japan, but I also have international point of views to Japan. I would love to bring you to the whole new Japan that you had never knew or experienced before.

Ready to see some itineraries?

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