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Pebble Walkway to villa

Our Story

In searching for the perfect holiday experience, what do we look for? Is it being offered tangible materials, or are we seeking a deeper connection with the place we visit and its local community? - The intangible experiences.

Michi & Co. is a bespoke travel agency that offers our customers an all-encompassing authentic travel experience. We bring you on a journey of discovering Japan's rich cultural heritage and its' best-kept traditions through architecture, food, and art & design.

Meet The Team

Why Travel With Us 

We are well versed in the local etiquette and customs, making us the perfect guide to an authentic experience.

We have developed personal relationships with the local communities and businesses, enabling us to provide you with truly unique experiences. From making delicate traditional Japanese sweets and bottling your own sake to bring home to glamping at the foot of Mount Fuji and ski lessons with a Japanese Olympian. We provide our clients with an unforgettable holiday filled with intimate moments and purposeful experiences.

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Cherry blossom in Tokyo

Our Destinations

From the bustling cities of Tokyo and Osaka to outdoor adventures in Hokkaido and Nagano, Michi & Co. are here to inspire and help craft your perfect holiday travel in Japan. Start your journey by browsing through our featured destinations below or click here to view more destinations with sample itineraries. 

Japanese snow monkey bathing

A mountainous, landlocked prefecture  with enchanting forests, great outdoor activities and a bursting food scene. 

Spring, Summer, Winter

scenic view of Mount Fuji in Japan

Home to the majestic Mount Fuji and amongst Japan's top-ranked premium tea producers. 

Spring, Summer, Winter

ski lift on snow mountain

Japan's northernmost island, a nature-lover's paradise with world-class skiing.

Spring, Summer, Winter

scenic tunnel in Niigata Japan

Along the coast of the sea of Japan, boasting a rich agricultural land offering premium rice and sake.

Spring, Summer, Winter

Let's Escape

Reach out to us for more information about our services and start planning your adventure.

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