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Japan island

Kanto,  Eastern Japan


Toba . Matsusaka . Ise

Located between Osaka and Kyoto, on the eastern coast of Kii Peninsula forming the eastern side of Ise Bay. 

Recommended Seasons

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Recommended Length of Stay

4 days, 3 nights

Photo by: Gentl and Hyers

Along the eastern coast of the Kansai region lies a hidden gem lesser known to tourists. Mie is often overlooked due to it's close neighbour, Nara. The prefecture is easily reached via the Kinetetsu railway that connects Mie to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Nagoya. Surrounded by sea and mountains, Mie is a coastal paradise that has much to offer its visitors.

Mie is famous for its high quality seafood including ise-ebi (spiny lobster), abalone and oysters. The Mikimoto pearl island along the Toba bay is home to the world famous pearl company, Mikimoto. The Akoya oyster inhabiting the bays of Mie produce the gem of the sea, pearls. However, they only produce around two pearls per harvest making the pearls more rare then freshwater pearls. Aside from offering exquisite seafood, Mie is home to the Matsusaka beef - a culinary star of the prefecture.

Sample Itinerary

 4-Day, 3-Night Activity Highlights

Recommended Food

A wide range of tasty local specialties can be found in coastal prefecture. The Matsusaka beef is amongst Japan's top three big beefs along with Kobe and Ohmi beef. While it can be found in a select few restaurants outside Matsusaka city, it is best enjoyed in its city of origin and not to be missed when visiting Mie. Not only does the meat come from female cattle only, only about 25,000 animals are slaughtered each year. This accounts for its higher price tag and rarity. Most chefs serve the beef as sushi or sashimi instead of cooking it in high heat. 

Ise bay is blessed with an abundance of seafood through the year with specific delicacies best enjoyed in particular seasons. The fishing season for Ise-ebi spiny lobster is between October to April, making it the best time to enjoy them. Oysters are best enjoyed in the months between November and March. One of the most  unique ways to enjoy Mie's seafood delights is a visit to the ama hut. Ama women prepare a selection of seafood featuring the season's fresh catch and organic rice locally grown.

japan matsusaka beef

Matsusaka Beef

A type of Japanese wagyu beef, highly regarded due to it's flavour, richness and distinctive marbled texture. The beef comes only from female cattle, unlike Kobe beef.   

Japan Mie fresh seafood

Hachiman Kamado

Visit the pearl divers, ama ("sea women") hut to enjoy seafood of Ise-Shima freshly caught by the divers. Enjoy barbequed seafood over a conversation with the Ama women. A truly authentic experience of the Japanese culture. 

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Recommended Activities

Kindly note the activities vary depending on the season and your travel dates.  

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Mikimoto Island

Kokichi Mikimoto, Japanese entrepreneur is credited with the world's first cultured pearl. The Mikimoto pearl island sits on Toba bay and is certainly worth a visit to see a demonstration by Japan's famous women pearl divers, ama ("sea women").

Photo of pearls by Mikimoto.
japan Mie Mikimoto pearl island
mikimoto pearls
Japan Mie Ise Jingu shrine
japan samurai residence
Japan Mie Waterfall


Ise Jingu Shrine 

The Grand shrine of Ise. One of Japan's most beautiful and the most sacred shinto shrine attracting numerous visitors and pilgrims. It is regarded as Japan's spiritual home and the home of the sun goddess, Amaterasu. The inner and outer shrines along with Uji Bridge are taken down and rebuilt every twenty years. In line with Shinto's belief in rebirth and renewal. 

Photo by: Kankomie.or,jp


Gojouban Yashiki

Samurai Residences. A historic site located in Matsusaka city where samurai guarding the Matsusaka castle and their family lived. Today, much of the mansions in the residential compound remains preserved. Descendants of the samurai reside in the compound and help preserve the residence. 


Akame 48 Waterfall 

A 4km long canyon winding through a forest with five main waterfalls along the hiking trail. The picturesque foliage surrounding the waterfalls makes the are a popular attraction amongst travellers and photography enthusiasts. The autumn foliage is particularly spectacular. 

Recommended Accommodation

Toba Kokusai Hotel Shiojitei

A 3-star hotel combining traditional and modern Japanese architecture and style. Guests can feel the charm of Ise and culture of Mie. Guests are greeted with warm-hearted hospitality at Shiojitei. The hotel offers various room types including premium suites, modern Japanese twin, special Japanese rooms. Room sizes vary. 

Photos by: Shiojitei


Room amenities may vary depending on type of room selected. All rooms supplied with bathroom amenities by Mikimoto cosmetics, the first company in the world to successfully cultivate pearls. 

  • Japanese & Modern Rooms or Suites available

  • Room occupancy ranging from 1-4 adult guests 

  • Private outdoor bath (not natural onsen) in premium suites

  • Outdoor terrace (smoking allowed)

  • Restaurant, Cafe/Lounge

  • Wi Fi

  • Non-smoking rooms

  • Span & Wellness services

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