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Mount fuji

Chubu, Northern Japan


Hamamatsu . Fujinomiya

Located in the Chubu regions, Shizuoka is a 1.5 hour shinkansen train ride away from Tokyo.

Recommended Seasons

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Recommended Length of Stay

4 days, 3 nights

Located midway between Tokyo and Nagoya, Shizuoka is a popular urban destination amongst locals and travellers. Known as the home of Mount Fuji and vast green tea plantations, Shizuoka showcases Japan's culture and iconic scenic views. The prefecture's warm climate and long sunlight hours create an ideal environment for tea plantations. Shizuoka is Japan's largest tea producing regions and amongst the top-ranked premium tea producers in the country. 

While Mount Fuji is certainly an icon of Shizuoka, the prefecture is a nature wonderland with magnificent waterfalls, rivers and lakes, and tea plantations along mountain slopes. A multitude of ryokans and onsen resorts can be found in Shizuoka featuring open-air and indoor baths with views of the surrounding landscape.

Sample Itinerary

 4-Day, 3-Night Activity Highlights

Food Recommendations

Apart from being amongst Japan's top-ranked tea producers, Shizuoka is home to a diverse range of food and traditional delicacies. With access to the Pacific coast, Shizuoka's local specialties include seafood such as unagi (eel) and sakura shrimp. The prefecture also has a long history in the production of wasabi, cultivated in spring water from the mountains. 

Hamamatsu Unagi 

Lake Hamana in Shizuoka is the birthplace of eel farming. The eel is characterised by its tender meat and delicate fat. 

Fujinomiya Yakisoba 
 A local specialty of  Fujinomiya city. The dish was originally  created by an owner of a local noodle factory who was inspired by Taiwanese beef noodle soup.

Japanse unagi eel

 A BBQ and bonfire at the foot of Mount Fuji. Prepared using fresh local ingredients and served to guests while enjoying a panoramic view of Mount Fuji. 

Barbeque at foot of Mount fuji
Photo by: ExploreShizuoka

Recommended Activities

Kindly note the activities vary depending on the season and your travel dates.

Contact us to find out more and start creating your adventure.

waterfall in Japan
Japanese sweets
Animal farm with view of Mount Fuji
Photo by: Fun Japan


Shiraito Falls 

Cycle through the countryside and visit the Shiraito Waterfall fed by Mount Fuji's spring water. The site is covered in lush vegetation in summer and flushed in vibrant colours of the changing leaves in autumn.

Green Tea Farm  

As Japan's largest green tea-producing region, Shizuoka features a plethora of tea plantations with stunning backdrops of the majestic Mount Fuji.

Photo by: Ganyuudou


Wagashi Making 

Experience making wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) at a workshop led by a 5th generation wagashi master of the traditional wagashi store, Ganyuudou. Ganyuudou has been making traditional wagashi for Hamamatsu locals for over 150 years. The wagashi culture represents edible art that features an elegant taste, with a subdued sweetness compared to other sweets. 


Strawberry Daifuku 

A hand-on experience in making strawberry Daifuku led by the wagashi master himself, Mr Uchida-san of Ganyuudou store. Start by picking strawberries at a local strawberry farm. Learn to shape and wrap the mochi filled with red bean paste and the strawberry.

Photo by:


Makaino Bokujo Farm 

A 50-hectare large farm overlooking Mount fuji where visitors can enjoy a range of activities including horseback riding, walks with goats and milking cows. One can also experience ice-cream, butter and cheese making.


Sake Brewery  

A guided tour and sake tasting at a local brewery led by a sommelier. The brewery uses Yamada Nishiki - the highest quality brewer's rice grown locally.  Create your own sake and bring it home with you. 


Glamp in style at the foot of Mount Fuji. Unwind and breath in the crisp air from your private room. Guests can also enjoy a private BBQ prepared from fresh local ingredients. 

People glamping in Japan
Glamping tents

Recommended Accomodation

Hoshino Resorts - Kai Enshu

A hot spring ryokan situated by Lake Hamana in Hamamatsu. 

Images Source: HoshinoResorts


  • 33 Guest Rooms available

  • Room occupancy ranging from 1-4 adult guests 

  • Western-style room with outdoor bath

  • Japanese-style room with lake view

  • Restaurant, Cafe/Lounge

  • Wi Fi

  • Non-smoking property

  • Onsen, Spa/Massage

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