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Chubu, Northern Japan


Yuzawa . Tokamachi . Minamiuonuma

Located in the the Tohoku region of the Honshu island. Japan's largest agricultural city largely covered by rice fields.

Recommended Seasons

Spring, Autumn, Winter

Recommended Length of Stay

5 days, 4 nights

Located about 2 hours from Tokyo via Shinkansen, Niigata is the fifth largest prefecture of Japan nestled between mountains and the Sea of Japan. Surrounded by the Japanese Alps with abundant quality snow and over 50 ski resorts to choose from, Niigata is the perfect destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Situated along the Sea of Japan and surrounded by mountains with slopes lined with rice fields, the coastal prefecture is a culinary hot spot offering premium quality seafood, rice and sake. 


 While featured as a winter destination in our sample itinerary, Niigata is a year-round destination boasting breathtaking landscapes and rich agriculture. 

Sample Itinerary

 5-Day, 4-Night Activity Highlights

Food Recommendations

Niigata's favourable climate for growing rice makes it Japan's premium cultivation area. The Niigata Gastronomy Award event held in 2023 highlighted the prefecture's range of exceptional restaurants and hospitality establishments including ryokans.

Ryuzushi (Michelin Guide 2020)

Omakase dining experience. Chef Masayuki Sato, owner of Ryuzushi marries fresh seasonal fish with local specialties to create a selection of delicate and mouthwatering dishes. 

Hatago Isen 
 An open kitchen concept allows for showcasing the chef's culinary skills and inviting guests to be part of the gastronomic journey.

Japanese omakase sushi restaurant

Yukimi Gozen 
 Enjoy a hearty meal served only in winter prepared by local women using locally grown rice and fresh vegetables, served in lacquer ware.

Japanese food

Recommended Activities

Kindly note the activities vary depending on the season and your travel dates. 

Sake Brewery in Japan Niigata
Japan Niigata Kiyotsu Gorge
Japan snow garden ski resort
Photo by: ZekkeiJapan 


Hakkaisan Brewery

Japan's leading sake brewery. Yukimuro (snow cellar) are natural refrigerators in Niigata made from snow accumulated during winter and insulated with straw and other materials. The Hakkaisan yukimuro include a natural convection snow cellar, snow cooling chamber storing 1,000 tons of snow and a storage chamber. 


Bijin Bayashi

Enjoy strolling through the woods of Bijinbayashi, translated as 'Beauty Forest', a forest of 90 year old beech trees with slender trunks. During winter season we offer a guided snow shoe adventure.

Photo by: ZekkeiJapan 


Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel 

Known for its unique rock formations created by a volcanic eruption 16 million years ago. MAD architecture firm completed the restoration of the 750m tunnel in 2018, embodying natural elements (wood, metal, earth, water); 

transforming  an ordinary and dark passageway into a work of art that connects visitors with the beauty of the surrounding landscape.


Please note that during heavy snowfall, the tunnel is closed down due to safety reason.

Photo by: Timeout


Snow Garden 

Newly opened complex at Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort. Features cosy tents overlooking Niigata's breathtaking mountains where guests can enjoy food & drinks.


Woven Textiles 

Visit Shiozawa Tsumugi Fabric Museum in Shiozawa Minamiunuma city, a textile manufacturer with 80 years of history. Known for their special pattern, Shiozawa Kasuri. The production of Shiozawa fabric ("fabric of patience") involves 30 over steps, an intricate process mastered by skilled craftsman.

Japan panoramic train
Photo by: Joetsu Myoko


Panoramic Train

A luxurious train traveling the wonderfully scenic route along the mountains from Mt. Myoko to the coast, and along the blue Sea of Japan. 


Niigata City 

Geigi Performance

Enjoy an exquisite performance by graceful Geigi which includes singing, dancing and traditional musical instruments. 

Recommended Accommodation

Shousenkaku Kagetsu Ryokan

Located in Yuzawa. A Japanese-style accommodation where guests are warmly greeted by bi-lingual staff and experience the personal warmth of Japanese service. The ryokan features 10 uniquely designed hot spring baths. Guests are served Japanese cuisine, prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients. 

Photos by: ShousenkakuKagetsu


  • Japanese-style Room (accommodates up to 4 guests)

  • Deluxe Double or Twin Room (accommodates 2 guests)

  • Air conditioning 

  • Private bathroom 

  • Hot tub, toiletries, bath or shower 

  • Wi-Fi, Flat-screen TV,

  • Fireplaces

  • Safety deposit, Hairdryer

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